Solutions – Brand & Award Logo Licensing

LicenseStream automates the licensing of awards and endorsements allowing your reviewed brands to greatly benefit commercially and for you to share in the success. LicenseStream will contact the winning brands, offer multiple licensing models for use of the award or endorsement and manage the workflow of both the artwork approval, and all related licensing and financial transactions.

Grow you brand with LicenseStream using a fully white labeled Logo Licensing solution that promotes your brand/publication and increases the value of your brand and its endorsements.


  • Brand your LicenseStream storefront to represent your publication and your award program.
  • Educate your winners by having them review your award program details, how winners are selected, statistics on licensing an award logo and details on how to use the website.
  • Show examples of how other brands have used the award logos to promote their winning products.
  • Guide the user through the process of registration, selection of their winning products and the licensing process.
  • Interact with your winners in the process of reviewing and approving their artwork to make sure they are getting the maximum benefit from the award and you are protecting your award program and publication.
  • Provide the winners with their account history and other tools so they can be served through the website.
  • Work with Wright’s Media to maximize the benefit of the awards to both the award winners and your publication. Wright’s Media can provide contact service to announce the awards, expert sales services to guide the winners through licensing and support services should there be any questions or issues.


  • New revenue streams for your publication as well as the products and brands that you award or endorse.
  • Increase the value of your award program by enabling your awarded products and brands to use your award logo in their marketing and advertising, greatly increasing exposure of your program and publication.
  • Manage the entire award process by having LicenseStream announce the award to the winners, show the winners how they gain revenue from licensing the award, guide them through the licensing process, and manage the upload and approval of comps.
  • Reach all your winners immediately with the same message and process for licensing.
  • Allow Wright’s Media to help you reach out to your winners and guide them through the licensing process maximizing their benefit from the award and your revenue potential.
  • Manage your award licensing business through the administrator features and evaluate trends through the LicenseStream report generator, allowing you to adjust and grow your business.

To find out more on how LicenseStream can build a strong profitable partnership for your company or clients, call 877.652.5295 or email