Solutions - Content Licensing

LicenseStream automates content licensing, royalty settlement and content monitoring across the internet so you can make more money from your digital content. LicenseStream also enables companies to detect and curb unauthorized use of their content by creating additional opportunities to monetize and discover new markets.

Whether content is monetized via licensing and direct download, subscription or ad-supported delivery, LicenseStream provides a quick path to market with either turnkey or fully custom deployments.

How Does LicenseStream Make it Easy to Monetize Your Digital Content?


  • Support all Media Types (e.g, video, images, text, audio)
  • Administrative Console
  • Content Tracking & Remedy Collections
  • Multiple Monetization Models: Rights Managed, Royalty Free, Rights Simple Micro
  • Subscription and Custom
  • Global Payment Processing & Royalty Disbursements
  • Consolidated Content Reporting
  • Administrative Console
  • Batch Processing:
    • Content Indexing
    • Content Uploading
    • Publishing to Search Engines
  • Full E-Commerce Functionality
  • Large-scale Royalty Disbursements
  • Development Support
  • Live Support


  • New revenue stream from your existing content archive
  • Easy to set up with minimal development requirements
  • Protect & monetize your content as it travels across the web
  • Global billing & payment processing
  • Pursue long tail opportunities with ease
  • Dashboard reports
  • Flexible plans that meet your needs

To find out more on how LicenseStream can build a strong profitable partnership for your company or clients, call 877.652.5295 or email