Why LicenseStream?

LicenseStream creates new revenue opportunities from your existing community or marketplace. Adding LicenseStream to your suite of services can drive new revenues and enhance retention rates.

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Add Our Breakthrough Licensing Tools to Your Site

The LicenseStream technology makes it easy to automatically register, license, track and monetize digital content. Add a la carte features or our full suite of capabilities to your site through our application programming interface (API). LicenseStream enables you to leverage your member base to create new revenue streams.

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Track Your Content Across the Web

Content Tracker locates where your members' work is being used across the internet. If any unauthorized use is identified, we'll empower your members to remedy infringements with a set of automated solutions including; legal notices and payment collection tools. Content tracking opens up untapped revenue opportunities.

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Brand Our Technology as Your Own

Our "white-labeled" service gives you the ability to introduce our breakthrough licensing and content tracking technologies consistent with your brand. Protect and grow your user base with our powerful tools while continually generating new revenue shares from your members' content.

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Easily Launch an Online Stock Gallery with Instant Value

Offer more value to your members. Create a distinctive content licensing gallery powered by LicenseStream. Your members can profit from their content, and you'll share in the revenue flow.

To find out more on how LicenseStream can build a strong profitable partnership for your company or clients, call 877.652.5295 or email info@licensestream.com.